Monthly Training Calendar Template

Template calendar to promote monthly training courses.

Monthly Training Calendar Template

A detailed schedule, outline of activities, assignment of responsibilities and time frame is a crucial part of any structured training program. Well defined goals and consequences and the commitment to achieve it within a time frame lead to success and employee development. Without clear structure, a company may cut corners or fail to complete training processes. Hence a training schedule is needed for arranging project training, employee training, or other types of training sessions. A monthly training calendar is used to align the training schedule tentatively.

How to create a monthly training calendar?

The first step in creating a monthly training calendar is to identify the training needs. You need to figure out which training is required and what will be the approach to training. Formulate a specific format for training need identification of employees or survey various training requirements among the departments. Once done with the major training requirements identification, the next step is to prepare a training calendar. The planning should be done in a way that will not hamper the production of the organization. Keeping a specific day for training activities is a great way to regulate the training program in a systematic way.

Why should you have a monthly training calendar?

  • To handle the up-skilling process of existing staff members
  • To estimate the onboarding and training needs of new staff
  • To keep ahead of compliance training requirements
  • To effectively communicate the training needs with others
  • To create a culture of personal development and learning

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