Confidential Information (Clean Desk) Policy

A clean desk policy is a corporate directive that specifies how employees should leave their working space when they leave the office. Most clean desk policies require employees to clear their desks of all papers at the end of the day.

Confidential Information (Clean Desk) Policy

A clean desk policy or confidential policy is a corporate directive that defines how employees should leave their working space. The amount of damage caused by the information breach can keep skyrocketing unless you have a clean desk policy in place. The policy directs the employees to keep their desks clutter free. Especially the sensitive business documents, notes, post-its, etc. should be protected while the computers must be powered down and password protected while leaving for the day.

Significance of clean desk policy

Clean desk policy protects the confidential information from insider fraudsters and other criminals in the office. It minimizes the risk of information theft, fraud, and a security breach. Also, clearing clutter can increases productivity and influence the creative thinking. This policy encourages the employees to be conscious of information security all day long. They should be instructed to remove confidential information from sight while leaving for a meeting or break. This policy helps to increase employees’ awareness of security and also promotes a positive company reputation.

What should be included in the policy?

An effective, clear desk policy should have clear instructions for what actions the employee is supposed to take. It should be a signed contract that outlines what is expected of the employee and the employer and who is responsible for monitoring the success of the policy and how it will be done and also the consequences for policy non-compliance.

Steps to creating your clean desk policy

  • Planning
  • Place sensitive information inside a folder or off the desktop before leaving
  • File your documents or lock them up
  • Post signage in important areas of the office
  • Monitor office areas
  • Stay vigilant
  • Keep track

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