Equal Employment Opportunities Policy

This aim of this policy is to confirm your organisations commitment to equal employment opportunity principles, developing and implementing equal opportunity strategies within your company.

Equal Employment Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunity Employer Policy outlines the rules that need to be followed to ensure equality and promote diversity in the workplace. Every worker should have the equal opportunity during the process of hiring, training, performance evaluation, compensation administration and other benefits. The policy does not aim to create equal outcomes but rather meant to ensure that all job applicants have an equal opportunity to get appointed in the employment market.

Importance of Equal Employment Opportunities Policy

Workplace diversity is a crucial part of a business community. As an employer, you should maintain a diverse workplace by not discriminating against employees on the basis of any characteristic or class. All the employees should get the equal opportunity to perform their job duties in a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. This is what an equal employment opportunities policy ensures.

Equal employment opportunity policy is crucial for the protection of an employee’s civil rights. It provides all employees fair access to employee benefits such as accommodations, compensation, promotions and job responsibilities. The individual who discriminates against an employee or treats a worker unlawfully is in breach of equal employment opportunity laws and is subject to federal disciplinary action.

Purpose of Equal Employment Opportunities Policy

The policy prevents the workplace discrimination and harassment of any type and provides equal employment opportunities to employees regardless of:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Disability status
  • Protected veteran status
  • Other characteristic protected by law

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