How To Implement Workplace Policies and Procedures

One of the main purposes of a workplace policy is to communicate to employees what is your company standard and how they should behave or perform.

How to Implement Workplace Policies and Procedures

Policies are statements that describe how human resource management process will be carried out in an organisation. It reflects the values of an organisation and the requirement of the employer in relation to expectations, behaviours and performance. An effective workplace policy with clearly defined acceptable and unacceptable behaviour leads to efficient employee management.

Importance of workplace policy

Workplace policies clarify the standard operating procedure and may also include the implications of not complying with those policies. They should include broad guidelines on action to be taken in simple terms, free of jargon. Depending on the topic it addresses, the length of the policy may vary. The policy is of no use if there is no discretion in its implementation.

Steps to follow while developing workplace policy

  • Have management support
  • Involve employees in developing and implementing policy
  • Define the key terms of the policy
  • Have the policies in writing and publicise them
  • Regular referral to the policy
  • Ensure they are implemented consistently
  • Review and evaluate the policy regularly

Policy Checklist

  • The aim of the policy
  • The reason for the policy
  • List of employees who the policy applies to
  • What is acceptable or unacceptable behaviour?
  • Consequences of not complying with the policy
  • The date when the policy was generated or updated

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