Reference Check Policy

The reference check is a very useful tool in the selection process. It is used to confirm the applicant’s overall employment record and performance and it assists the selection committee to determine the applicant’s suitability for the position.

Reference Check Policy

Recruiting and staffing are some of the key responsibilities of human resources. Checking references is one of the crucial steps involved in the hiring process to verify information in resumes and interviews. It is not something that you need to rush through or skip as an employer. A reference check policy helps the employer to conduct the reference check process effectively. It guides the employer on how to check the references while complying with laws about reference and background checks.

What to Include In Reference Check Policy?

A reference checking is the process of evaluation of an applicant’s past job performance by conversations with people who have worked with them. A well-structured reference checking is most effective and productive sources of information about an applicant’s past performance and accomplishments.

A reference-checking policy should define the legal and prompt way to check references during the recruiting process. It should provide the guidelines for verifying factual information such as dates and places of employment along with useful information on the applicant’s work history. It should clarify the purpose of the reference check process and what qualifications should be accessed. The reliable way to verify the accuracy of the information should also be included in the policy.

Key Points

  • The legal background
  • Data Protection Principles including access requests and sensitive personal data
  • Aims of reference
  • Oral references
  • Contacting referees

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