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Social Activities Policy

The purpose of this policy is to regulate and provide guidelines on employee behaviour during company social activities. The company expects all staff to remain professional and respectful of their fellow colleagues, clients, suppliers and customers at all times.

Social Activities Policy

Sometimes companies decide to organize social events to conduct the social activities of the employee. However, as an employer, you need to ensure that your workers are fully aware of the standards expected of them. This is where the social activity policy comes to play. This policy describes the standards to be followed by employees while representing your corporation outside of the formal workplace. It should also mention the potential consequences in case they do not meet the standards expected.

Employer liability

The employer is not liable for every activity of each employee unless the conduct of the employee is linked to the workplace. The employer will be accountable for bullying or discrimination if it takes place in work premises. But outside of the workplace and out of normal working hours, the line becomes blurred. There are still some rules that need to be followed by employees to avoid misconduct outside of the workplace like work-related social gatherings and during business trips. Employee’s alcohol-fuelled misconduct can bring the company into disrepute. Hence this justifies disciplinary action.

What to include in the policy?

The policy should clearly define what behaviours are acceptable and what are not. It should clearly mention that bringing the company into disrepute and being abusive will be taken very seriously. If any misbehaving allegations are made during or after the event, the disciplinary process should be strictly followed. Setting these parameters early can help you avoid any confusion and remind your employees of the consequences of their improper actions.

Key points

  • Acceptable behaviours
  • Behaviours that will be counted as objectionable
  • Consequences
  • Disciplinary Actions

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