Workplace Bullying Policy

Workplace bullying is defined as repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or a group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety. This policy aims to protect organisations from bullying in the workplace.

Workplace Bullying Policy

Workplace bullying is an unwelcome or unreasonable behavior that harms, threaten, offends, degrades or humiliates an employee. The workplace bullying not only causes the loss of trained and talented employees, and morale but also reduces the productivity and creates legal risks. So, there must be a policy in place to avoid such incidents in the workplace.

The purpose of this workplace bullying policy is to communicate to all employees that the company will not tolerate the bullying behavior at any cost. They must be informed and reminded that any worker found in violation of this policy will be disciplined and may end up with termination.

What to include in the workplace bullying policy?

Not only the employees but the employer and workplace also suffer due to the bullying behaviour.

Besides potential legal liabilities, the bullying can lead to deterioration in the work quality, increased absenteeism and lack of confidence.

An employer must present a healthy and safe work environment to all the employees. So, you need to ensure that procedures exist to allow complaints of bullying to be dealt with promptness. The workplace bullying policy should describe all the forms of bullying that are not allowed in the workplace. It should also mention the potential consequences of such actions along with the roles and responsibilities of the employer and management.

Key Points

  • What is considered as bullying behavior
  • Consequences of bullying
  • Legal liabilities of the employer
  • Responsibilities of employer and supervisors

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