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    About Us

    Welcome to Human Resource Expert (HR Expert) Australia, the Online HR templates and HR documentation resource centre. We have all the HR policy & HR document templates you need to manage your business. Our mission is to help our clients drive strong ROI through full and immediate access to our people management and HR template documents and resources, leaving them to focus on running their business.


    • "Our new Human Resources systems and processes are working extremely well. What we love is the ease of implementing HR Expert Australia's pre-designed templates and documents into our business. We can highly recommend HR Expert Australia."
      Kristy Johnson
      Managing Director | Designs by Boo Shi
    • "HR Expert Australia is a great solution for the management of our team. The resources on the site are fully customisable and straightforward to implement."
      Joe Purves
      Founder and CEO, Green Finder, Australia
    • "HR Expert Australia made updating our HR documentation a simple and easy process. There was no need to hire expensive consultants and we saved thousands. HR Expert Australia provides a single reference source for all of your HR information needs."
      Louise Hoggett
    • "HR Expert Australia and the online tools are like no other. It makes managing our people and business easy. It’s updates always ensure we are up to date with compliance requirements and enables us to focus on management rather than implementation. I would highly recommend this service to any size business."
      Dr Baljit Lalli
      Director/Principal Orthodontist, Pittwater and Macarthur Orthodontics, Sydney Australia

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    Welcome to Human Resource Expert Australia (HR Expert Australia) The Online HR Templates and HR Documentation Resource Centre

    who work on all the HR policy & HR document templates you need to manage your business. Our mission is to become Australia’s leading online HR document and templates centre helping our clients drive strong ROI through full and immediate access to our people management and HR template documents and resources, leaving them to focus on running their business.

    We know it’s hard to choose HR Resources or a Digital HR Resource Centre..

    Human Resource Expert Australia (HR Expert Australia) knows it’s hard to choose an HR Documentation Company. Our founder has humble beginnings, however has worked in a number of global and local organisations, so we know the strains of talking to 4 or 5 different vendors and getting 4 or 5 different answers about HR and what best practice looks like..

    The secret is there is no secret, great Human Resource Management, recruitment, and business performance is about applying the fundamentals of great human interactions in a safe and inclusive work environment that is focused on results. Make your workplace a great place to work, and have great HR and people processes and the rest will happen..

    Why you need to work with HR Expert Australia..

    1. HR Expert Australia Membership provides you full and immediate access to our people management and HR resources, unmatched in Australia.
    2. HR Expert Australia’s comprehensive collection of HR policies, HR procedures, HR documents, HR templates and best practice guides that can be easily tailored to your business.
    3. HR Expert Australia saves time for both business owners and HR professionals.
    4. HR Expert Australia membership saves you money because you gain access to a vast collection of HR tools, resources and advice.
    5. HR Expert Australia Members have easy and instant access to everything you need. No waiting necessary.
    6. HR Expert Australia membership fees are fully tax-deductible.
    7. Companies without in-house HR professionals can still manage their HR function using tools and resources available on HR Expert Australia.
    8. All our HR documents and resources are updated in line with legislation and government changes; leaving you to focus on running your business.

    HR Expert Australia Membership Helps You in All Aspects of People Management:

    • Recruit and Select new staff with confidence.
    • Tailor contracts and other HR documentation with ease.
    • Create a professional impression on existing staff and new recruits.
    • Implement effective Performance Management Processes.
    • Establish effective workplace relations.
    • Ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations.
    • Protect yourself from costly Employment Tribunal claims.

    What makes HR Expert Australia (and our global team) the real deal?

    HR Expert Australia is a member’s only website. You need to be a member to download the legally compliant HR templates and HR documents. Select ‘Get Membership’ to sign up now.

    HR Expert have a globally recognised team, and our founder has led award winning HR initiatives, being recognised from the Australian HR Institute and the Australian HR Awards.

    How can Human Resource Expert (HR Expert Australia) Australia help your business?

    We specialise in HR templates and forms, hr audit templates, and hr templates for small business as well as medium to large enterprises. Your Membership with HR Expert Australia gives you access to HR resources and HR documents on the site when you need it. As a Member, you will also receive regular email updates on changes in legislation and labour regulations and on new and updated HR Expert Australia documents available for download. Our Online HR Documentation and Policy library include:

    HR Expert Australia Checklists and Flowcharts Library: Use HR Expert Australia’s templates to create up-to-date, legally compliant HR checklists template and HR flowcharts for your organisation to help you manage a wide range of day to day HR tasks.

    HR Expert Australia Discipline and Termination Library: Use HR Expert Australia’s discipline and termination templates to legally terminate an employee from your organisation. Our resources cover employee discipline practices, discipline and termination policy, discipline termination letter, and discipline and termination in the workplace guidance.

    HR Expert Australia How to Guides Library: Our ‘How to Guides’ give people managers expert advice on how to manage a range of employment situations in quick, simple, easy to understand, step by step instructions with practical examples, top tips and recommendations.

    HR Expert Australia Orientation & Onboarding Library: HR Expert Australia’s Orientation & Onboarding Library provides practical expert guidance on how to welcome onboard and orientate your new employees in quick, simple, easy to understand, step by step instructions.

    HR Expert Australia Pay, Reward & Recognition Library: Reward and Recognition plays an important role in the workplace and is an essential part of your commitment to attracting, recognising and retaining quality staff. Empower your managers and teams with tips and strategies to make the best of your valued human talent through effective employee reward practices.

    HR Expert Australia Business Performance Management Templates: HR Expert Australia’s performance management library provides you with all the templates, coaching and warning letters, documents, guides and resources you will need to manage your employees’ performance at work.

    HR Expert Australia Planning & Strategy Library: Planning and strategy are keys to success in people management and in all aspects of business. HR Expert Australia’s templates allow you to strategies and documents for your organisation that are up-to-date and legally compliant.

    HR Expert Australia Policy & Procedure Templates: HR Expert Australia template HR policies and procedures allow you to tailor policies and procedures for your organisation that are up-to-date and legally compliant. All HR Expert Australia Policies and Procedures are legally compliant to Australian laws, regulations and standards on Employment, Employment Relations, and Workplace Health and Safety.

    HR Expert Australia Recruitment & Selection Library: HR Expert Australia’s recruitment and selection templates and documents allow you to create specific forms and documents you need for recruiting and selecting quality staff for your organisation. Find all the recruitment and selection forms, documents, interview guides and employment offer paperwork you’ll ever need in one convenient place.

    HR Expert Australia WHS Documents & Templates: HR Expert Australia’s templates allow you to create forms and documents for your organisation that are up-to-date and legally compliant. In high-performance workplaces, workplace health, safety and wellbeing must go beyond mere legal compliance. Make use of the resources in the HR Expert Australia Workplace Health & Safety and Wellbeing library to attain excellence in people management.

    Should you apply for a free Human Resource Expert (HR Expert Australia) Australia online account..

    There are HR Expert Australia memberships suitable for every business and organisation, regardless of size. As a free member, you will have access to 15 sample HR forms, letters, policies and workflows to save you the trouble of writing and developing your own from scratch.